• About Me.....

    I have studied various disciplines of mind, body, spirit and soul connection for many years. I have had many amazing teachers along the way, their wisdom has stayed with me and inspired my journey, enabling me to grow and expand my teachings, my own knowledge and inner wisdom to share with others.

    I am a nutritional and well-being therapist for adults, adolescents and children and a children’s yoga teacher. Although there are many aspects to my wellbeing therapies, the modalities can be individual or can be combined to focus on the overall wellbeing needs of each person.

    It is my belief that stress, grief, anxiety, and emotional issues can be accepted and gently released and let go of, behavioural issues can be managed in a gentle but effective manner, trauma should not be relived opening old wounds but through gentle intuitive counselling methods, meditation, relaxation and breathing techniques allowing the individual to open up gently releasing the trauma replacing it with self-love and acceptance. Individuals are also left with knowledge to help manage any future issues. Most of my modalities are aimed to enable individuals to self-manage any issues they may have in the future. However many people find it helpful to have ongoing well-being, healing and meditation sessions and for others one session may be all that is needed.

    I spent many years caring and supporting individuals with learning and physical disabilities, mental health, challenging behaviour, self-harm issues and also cared for the elderly. During this time I communicated on many different levels and always connected from the heart and at soul level, without judgement or discrimination, having the privilege of this experience has influenced my work today in many ways in which I am so grateful.

    Having children myself who are all very ‘spirited’ ( if I have to give them a label) for their way of being and the way they choose to express themselves, opened my heart, awareness, and depth of communication even more. Living holistically with children who are ‘spirited’ became my focus and I love it.

    Inspiring children to express themselves positively, helping them to understand their emotions, allowing them to have emotions and teaching them how to channel and manage them , is so rewarding, I feel it is a life’s learning tool , and even as adults we find hard to do .

    Being a children’s yoga teacher has also opened my eyes further enabling children to express themselves through movement and storytelling, gaining confidence, self-worth, energy , focus, self-respect and respect for others, relaxation and so much more.

    I believe we can heal our bodies, gain more energy and be happier through nourishing our bodies by consuming healthy foods, drinks and by living in a healthy, positive environment. I have a love for food and well-being, good nutrition is essential for healthy happy bodies and I love helping others to become empowered by sharing this knowledge.
    I feel I am here to guide others on their journey if they are in need, and to share my knowledge for peace and balance of mind, body and spirit, empowering others along the way.