• Healing.....

    Healing for Mind, Body and Spirit.
    For ailments and illnesses
    For Peace and Centeredness
    For Freedom and Remembrance of one’s Soul connection to self and to Source.
    To purely bathe in Beautiful Energies.

  • Reiki Healing or Attunements

    The Usui method of healing, a hands on healing for mind ,body, spirit. Promotes healing of self , positivity, and relaxation.
    Approx. 40 mins.
    I also provide attunements for Reiki healers.

  • Vortex Healing

    A hands on energy healing from the Merlin lineage. The healer sits at the clients head or feet providing healing through placement of hands. Approx. 40 mins.

  • Vibrational Light Healing

    A deep guided meditation and hands on healing. Aligning pure light essence, with our pure light self, bringing healing while creating subtle change to the very core of our being. Promoting health, vitality, self-healing, self-love and happiness.