• Well-Being.....

    This is a holistic guiding light therapy for children and adolescents with ADHD, behavioural issues, stress or anger issues, for those who are coping with illness or disability or for those coming to terms with loss or who are grieving.

    The guiding light aims to promote confidence and self-esteem, calmness and wellness, self-control, emotional and mindful well-being, self-acceptance and self-love and happiness.

    Working to the individual’s needs, each session is guided by the individual ( being the guiding light for their own therapy) for a gentle approach, aiming to gauge their interests and focus for that session, while assessing their needs, likes, dislikes, behaviours and mannerisms, or if you like getting to know them.

    The therapy may include breathing techniques, meditation or visualisation to calm, focus and balance the individual.
    Art in health, to focus, and release stress through the use of colour or textures, also learning to release and let go of anxiety.
    Story cubes and unicorn cards, alongside intuitive counselling skills used to gain understanding of how the individual sees the world around them, while they release any issues they may have through their own story telling, helping them to understand their own situation in a gentle and non-destructive way.
    Drums, used for focus, and to feel the vibration of their body, also just to make noise for stress release.
    Relaxation music, to help calm, center and relax. Music is chosen for the mood of the individual on the day or to help change the mood.
    Yoga for (3-11) year olds, has so many benefits for the child, the child may need some structure or to release some energy at any point during the session.

    A meeting with a parent/s, guardian before the session with the child/adolescent is essential to gauge what they would like their child to gain and their hopes and requirements. The aim is to work with the parent/ guardian at all times, working as a unit, providing a safe, secure environment for the child (the guiding light) to shine. The focus on each session is then purely on the child.

    Note: Parent/guardian is required to stay during the session, taking part is not essential but may be helpful at times for both you and your child. Each session is approx. 30 mins.

    If required Nutritional Therapy can be added and will be discounted as part of an individual package.